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Evangelist King † A Female Exorcist


The connotation sic'em is seeking with the intent to attack. Isaiah 59:19 confirms that the Holy Spirit comes like a flood (or pent-up stream) against the kingdom of darkness. Tune in and listen to the Holy Spirit talk to you! Shalom †

In need of prayer and deliverance, come and join your faith with Evangelist King's faith for your TOTAL deliverance in Christ Jesus' mighty name. Call-In Deliverance - LIVE Radio every Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00 pm (EST). Come expecting! For more details, visit Or request a Video Deliverance Session by sending your request to Shalom †


Deliverance from Voices of Hell
Get the 'HELL' out of Me is a brief message WORTH sharing repeatedly. MANY Christians will be surprised to know that HELL is in them. Until HELL is confronted and opposed, it lies dormant in its victim. Only the FIRE Power of the Holy Ghost can ransack and drive it out. One may ask how to know whether HELL is in them. Simply, look at your actions and reactions, do they reflect the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. IF not, then HELL is in you and deliverance is needed in Christ Jesus’ mighty name. Listen to this warning! Deliverance from the Voices of Hell are sessions which contain very strong demonic manifestations of hell. IF you've been involved in an ungodly covenant of witchcraft and idolatry, molestation (through an adult or child playing mom-dad games), sexual lust (illegal sex or sex outside marriage), pornography, have body piercings and tattoos and/or masturbation and have not had God’s servant, an anointed and appointed “human” vessel, to command these spirits out of your mind, will, emotions and body; then they are STILL hiding in those areas deep in darkness. Until you are set TOTALLY free from them, you CANNOT serve the LORD thy God with ALL your heart, soul (mind, will, emotions) and body. Christ Jesus wants to set you TOTALLY FREE as He did the young lady in the audio recording. He freed her mind, will, emotions and body from demon spirits witchcraft, spirit husband, lust and snake. At the end of her deliverance; she shouted, “I’M FREE NOW!” Jesus Christ’s desire is to GET THE HELL OUT OF US! Come to Him now and He will answer. To request a deliverance session, visit for details. Shalom †

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