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A Female Exorcist

Evangelist King, Deliverance Pastor

The connotation sic'em is seeking with the intent to attack. Isaiah 59:19 confirms that the Holy Spirit comes like a flood (or pent-up stream) against the kingdom of darkness. Tune in and listen to the Holy Spirit talk to you! Shalom †

Holy Ghost Sic'em! Deliverance TV


Farah's Deliverance from Marine Demons
Some deliverance sessions are classic and Farah's is one of them. It was through her session when demons first spoke out
and they had a lot to say about Farah (and Nathan) being chosen to deliver her people in Haiti. Be sure to listen to ALL sessions. Shalom †

In need of prayer and deliverance, come and join your faith with Evangelist King's faith for your TOTAL deliverance in Christ Jesus' mighty name. Call-In Deliverance - LIVE Radio every Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00 pm (EST). Come expecting! For more details, visit Or request a Video Deliverance Session by sending your request to Shalom †